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Default The Wrecking Crew

For those wondering what Im blabbering on about The Wrecking Crew were a group of session musicians who earned wide acclaim in the 1960s. They backed dozens of popular singers including The Monkees The Beach Boys, The Partridge Family, The Mamas and the Papas, Sonny & Cher, The Carpenters, John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel to name a few and were one of the most successful "groups" of studio musicians in music history.

Some of the musicians in The Wrecking Crew were

guitar: Glen Campbell, Barney Kessel, Tommy Tedesco, Al Casey, Carol Kaye, Billy Strange, Don Peake, Howard Roberts, James Burton, Jerry Cole, Mike Deasy
saxophone: Steve Douglas, Jay Migliori, Jim Horn, Plas Johnson, Nino Tempo, Gene Cipriano
trumpet: Roy Caton (contractor), Tony Terran, Ollie Mitchell
trombone: Lou Blackburn, Dick Hyde
keyboards: Leon Russell, Mac Rebennack (aka Dr. John), Mike Melvoin, Don Randi, Larry Knechtel, Al Delory, Mike Rubini
bass: Carol Kaye, Joe Osborn, Max Bennett, Chuck Berghofer, Ray Pohlman, Larry Knechtel, Lyle Ritz, Jimmy Bond (007)
drums: Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Jim Gordon
percussion: Julius Wechter, Gary Coleman , Frank Capp (contractor)
conductor/arranger: Jack Nitzsche
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan

So what do you people think about these guys and girl
The Beat Goes On
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