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Default Re: What is your feelings about nostalgia?

Interesting question. I guess the answer depends on what exactly you mean by "nostalgia." If you mean a longing for things of the past that is rooted in the inability to grow or evolve (e.g., listening to the same mediocre music that you liked in high school), then that is a dead end. However, there is another type of nostalgia that has more to do with a bittersweet sense of the passing of time and our own mortality. That is human. It can also be the stuff of great art (e.g., Marcel Proust's masterpiece "Remembrance of Things Past"). In the context of music, there is some music that, on its own merits, is beyond time, and can never be nostalgic in the sense of being stale. Nobody would say that it's nostalgic to love Bach's solo cello suites or Coltrane's Love Supreme. Anyway, those are my thoughts as I sip a beer before bedtime..........
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