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Default Re: What is your feelings about nostalgia?

Great responses. Keep 'em comin.'

The grammatical error in the title came from changing it. I was going to ask what is nostalgia in music? Music can be very sentimental and nostalgia is a type of sentimentality.

The Dan seemed to exemplify the question. It was ironic that they didn't seem to see that themselves, then they saw the hypocrisy in it all. Much of the music on those albums was nostalgic in character: Aja, Home At Last, Deacon Blues. Royal Scam.

Those jazz rock guys in some ways inherited a tradition that was gone. There is sense of nostalgia in that. Steely Dan were the last of the tin pan alley tradition, even though they performed their own music. They might not see themselves as such. There is some nostalgia in that and I don't think they would disagree that they had nostalgia for it; I think the idea that something is lost is a big part of the classic rock tradition, esp after the decline of the hippsters. It's what Deacon Blues is about.
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