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Default Re: What is your feelings about nostalgia?

As much as I love listening to old records, I think a lot of people need to get over the past. I've heard so many Led Zeppelin clones it's unbelievable and whilst I think Led Zeppelin were a good band, music has come on so far since then. Why don't I hear anybody pushing the envelope when I go out? Simply because the music taste of a lot of people is incredibly conservative. They listen to music from one decade and then decide to copy that. Revivals can be great; if they're done properly - taking elements of the old and new to push boundaries - Ska music has done this, as has a lot of 60's Psychedelia and with the second I refer to bands such as The Mars Volta and The Shortwave Set - who do COMPLETELY different forms of music with a similar range of very baseline influences.

What I'm saying is that sticking to one thing all your career can only really be done by one or two bands. And that's because they're either incredibly gifted songwriters, or have the sheer energy to pull it off. AC/DC being an example of the latter, along with Slayer - in this instance, Metallica have completely failed. On the other side of the coin, you get bands like Portishead and Radiohead who have decided to completely change their styles over the duration of their careers (Portishead's new album is absolutely NOTHING like the previous one and even the previous one was remarkably different from their first). I personally think that artistic development is a legitimate means to judge a band. Led Zeppelin even tried to change their style (with mixed results) but everybody focusses on the period up to Physical Graffiti or arguably Houses of the Holy) and I can respect even a failure on that front, but very rarely can I forgive a band or artist who do not change. Yngwie Malmsteen has been churning out the same rubbish for years. Steve Vai has arguably done much the same, even Joe Satriani is somewhat guilty, but Robert Fripp? No way. No Fripp or even King Crimson album sounds even remotely the same. And I respect that greatly.
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