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Default Re: What is your feelings about nostalgia?

I vary on feelings about nostalgia....sure there are times I want to go back and listen to many things I did years ago...and kind of reminisce etc....but the bad side I see from it is...

1. People never moving on...some people's taste literally never changes.
2. Radio and how stagnant it is...good example some raido in Pittsburgh is nothing but ...well Butt's like being in the 70's... forever...which I think is horrible.
3. To add to #2 some jazz stations play material so's hard to call it jazz
4. I guess I do become bored easily and like to hear things that are fresh and new....

I guess I am a mixed bag ...but I do not always think older is better or newer is junk. Some people do and I think it results in being very close minded about hearing anything different.
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