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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
"Honey, see these bits of duct tape here? That's where the ride cymbal stand goes. See, and then you attach this tom to the stand. No, not like that. Here, let me show you. Yeah, it's a little heavy, don't worry about it. Look, maybe you should be taking notes. You're going to need to have all this down by next week if you want to help me set up my drums."
hahahah... that sounds kind of familiar... like...
Her: "What can i do to help?" ...
me: "you see all those wing nuts on the bottoms of the cymbal stands? start by opening all them and open the legs on the stands..."
then i look over and she's loosening up all sort of wing nuts that have nothing to do with the legs...
I appreciated her help but i can say i really don't like other people moving my stuff around because some of it is fragile or if the wrong wing nuts get turned then all the stands are not in the right position...
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