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Default Tony Royster Jr.

Just did a search for this child prodigy, and no threads dedicated to him popped up so I'm making one.

Quick back ground: discovered at age 11 playing a drum solo at a Guitar Center in California. Taught by Dennis Chambers. Is now in his mid-20's.

If you want to see a couple of sick videos (i can't link the actual vids since i'm on a work computer), check out his drum solo at age 12, his drum battle with Jojo Mayer when he eats Mr. Mayer alive IMO, and his drum performance for the youtube "Drum Channel".

This guy is absolutely sick, stupid fast, creative, and in a league all of his own. After studying his videos for a very long time now (i've been a fan for going on 4 years), I think that he is (brace yourselves) the next Buddy Rich. The next "Natural Drummer" that is going to elevate the drumming world to a new level. The guy is in his mid 20s and I've seen parts in his solos where he takes pieces from Dennis Chambers, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Gene Krupa and then makes those parts even more complex and awesome. If there is any man who doesn't have a sticky yet on this forum but deserves it, it's Mr. Tony Royster Jr.

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