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Default Songs that take you to places..

bear with me here...

This thread is inspired by a great thread from Aydee he recently put up where he asks of your favourite 4 lines or verse from a song that resonate with you deeply, and it got me thinking quite alot. songs we hear of course evoke many nostalgic emotions in us for all sorts of ways, be it a person,time, animal , vegatable, mineral or other...

i want to hear if anyone has come across a song that really places them somewhere... but specifically a location, a real place, that their chosen song brings them to in an instant. i have always found these connections facinating i guess.

my choice in his thread was a line by a favourite band of mine whose music always puts me to a very specific location in my 'minds eye'. it just does it every time with this band. i am able paint this picture and create an image with an approximate time of day or weather condition. the strange thing however is that although the location and song exist, they for me have never been placed together, for example by hearing the song at this location. this has always puzzled me!

if this makes any sense and you have a song that brings you to a place but not a 'nostalgic' place per say then it would be cool to hear what it is for you.

ps you're instantly disqualified from this thread if you say something like "Massachusetts by the Bee Gees.. always makes me think of Massachusetts...hmmm...."

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