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Originally Posted by MaT View Post
I'm just gonna add my personal opinion on this, just as you did.

When I see Mike Portnoy live (or in dvds), I get the feeling he's playing with passion. Then, honestly, I don't care about his personal life, he's a model as a musician to me, not as a person. But, I don't really think he's an unfriendly person.

Now, about his drumming skills, I think he's very good, very creative when playing DT songs; he inspired me a lot and I respect him for giving me an open minded approach when creating drum parts and song structures.

Let me add that he also works on many other things besides just drumming, so I don't blame him for not being playing as fast as any elite drummer out there, I believe he's not aiming for that, but to keep creating great music.

Just my honest opinion.
Word could not have agreed more...

Originally Posted by Kongo View Post
I don't feel like typing out a whole essay again, but if you think Joey Jordison is a "power house" at double bass then you have a lot to discover, bub.

These following two videos are just ice breakers.

Now for the real stuff.
Your right there are faster double bass drummers out there and I stand corrected. That was the first example that came to mind.
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