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Originally Posted by Buddy9832 View Post
I understand your opinion. Maybe I should retract that statement earlier. I don't necessarily believe that he is a power house. But to me many talented drummers out there are very good at a very limited aspect of drumming (Just to give one quick example, Joey Jordison and no I'm not a fan of slipknot, is a power house when it comes to double bass drumming, but that's about all he has going for himself). What I find very impressive about Mike Portnoy is the fact that he seems to have a strong foundation in many various aspects of drumming. He's not the fastest double bass drummer, but he has a good foundation in double bass drumming. He's pretty good at mastering odd time sig songs and transitioning into the various time signatures. He has a pretty descent knowledge of music theory which in my opinion allows him to be a team player with the rest of the band. Yah, there's a lot of drumming in DT music, but everyone else such as Petrucci and Ruddess (sp?) all have ample opportunities to express their instruments as well.

I don't feel like typing out a whole essay again, but if you think Joey Jordison is a "power house" at double bass then you have a lot to discover, bub.

These following two videos are just ice breakers.

Now for the real stuff.
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