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Originally Posted by Kongo View Post
That pretty much conveys everything I'm about to say. I'm not picking a fight with you, but I guess you live under a rock. The guy has been playing the same crappy solo since the 90's he has not gotten any better. Plus, besides his slump of not ever getting any better, the guy isn't very friendly. I live in the same town he grew up in that is how I know that. He's not one of the elite drummers out right now, there are so many better then him. If this was said on his little "forum" he would edit your post and ban you because that's the way that he is. He's over rated and could never compete with real drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Morgan Ågren, Thomas Haake and many many more. Sorry.
I don't this attitude of if you pay a compliment to drummer A, you are somehow insulting drummer B, C, or D. Saying a drummer is "talented" does not equal saying someone is "the best' or automatically "better than" everyone else.

And you really think if you insult someone on their website, they're not going to boot you?
Got to any website message board and insult the owner, and see how long you last. LOL.

Since when is drumming a competition anyway? I don't recall Portnoy every claiming he is/was completing with anyone. Is there a prize for the winner now? Is drumming an Olympic event now? Will this competition be televised along with the SuperBowl?

I've met Mike 1/2 dozen times over the years. He's always seemed like a nice guy. He's pretty humble when he does talk about other drummers, and he doesn't consider himself in the same league as some of the names mentioned. So what? But he's also a very driven individual, and admits he's very OCD, which I suppose could rub some people wrong.
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