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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Originally Posted by SickRick View Post
OK, just a quick update:

I've had a severe Computercrash that involved one Wii-Nunchuk Controler, a glass of applejuice and my notebook. No more details needed.

I'll get back to it asap, but right now all my data seems to be drowned in applejuice. Also, I only had one installed version of Sibelius on my Laptop. Damn.

No worries.... I have a backup but it'll take a while until I'll get back to transcribing things. Performance 1 is coming - it's just coming with a little delay.
Not as bad as my mate at Uni. First week of University, he decided - whilst very, very drunk, to relieve himself into his laptop. Naturally it didn't work and he'd dropped over 1,000 on it just over a month before.
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