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Default Re: Drumdial/Tama tension watch settings?

Some pretty good avice here.

I've been using a drum dial for four years and find it to be a great tool. Once you get used to it it will save you tons of time doing head changes, You'll need to spend some time finding out where your drums liked to be tuned initially.

Some guys perfer both heads tuned to the same pitch. Some perfer the reso head tuned to a higher pitch than the batter. Some perfer a lower tuned reso.(but not too many)

Start with both heads tuned the same. 60 is around the lower range and 80 is around the uppper range for toms. (rock tuning)

Using the same advice that Drumtechdad offered, you can also apply that to the drum dail.
Start at 60, then 65, 70, 75. and so on. If the drum sounds good at 70 (for example only) and then starts to lose volume and sustain at 75 (choking) back it off and you're in the general ball park.

Then try 68. 70, 72,74, and see how you like the sound. In the end you'll need to fine tune by ear. That said, some guys have a good ear and some don't.

It's common to find a tension rod that reads a little higher or lower. Don't worry about it. Drum shells, hoops, hardware, and heads, are not designed to fly into space. Sometiimes there's a little variance. Again, don't get wrapped around the axel about it.

A few very general pointers. Tune floor toms 5 to 10 points lower than rack toms. Bass drums 5 to10 points lower than floor toms. Snare drums 10 to 15 points above rack toms, some times much higher.

You'll just need to experinent to find a sound you like. Different heads will have an effect also. After using a drum dial for a while you'll be able to get a good feel for how you want your drums tuned and the different settings for different heads, rooms, styles, miced or not. ect.

I changed four snare batters yeasterday in less than three minutes each and had the drums sounding good just using the dial. After a lot of use I know where these drums liked to be tuned.

Keep notes and future head changes will be a snap.

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