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Originally Posted by Kongo View Post
That pretty much conveys everything I'm about to say. I'm not picking a fight with you, but I guess you live under a rock. The guy has been playing the same crappy solo since the 90's he has not gotten any better. Plus, besides his slump of not ever getting any better, the guy isn't very friendly. I live in the same town he grew up in that is how I know that. He's not one of the elite drummers out right now, there are so many better then him. If this was said on his little "forum" he would edit your post and ban you because that's the way that he is. He's over rated and could never compete with real drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Morgan Ågren, Thomas Haake and many many more. Sorry.
I understand your opinion. Maybe I should retract that statement earlier. I don't necessarily believe that he is a power house. But to me many talented drummers out there are very good at a very limited aspect of drumming (Just to give one quick example, Joey Jordison and no I'm not a fan of slipknot, is a power house when it comes to double bass drumming, but that's about all he has going for himself). What I find very impressive about Mike Portnoy is the fact that he seems to have a strong foundation in many various aspects of drumming. He's not the fastest double bass drummer, but he has a good foundation in double bass drumming. He's pretty good at mastering odd time sig songs and transitioning into the various time signatures. He has a pretty descent knowledge of music theory which in my opinion allows him to be a team player with the rest of the band. Yah, there's a lot of drumming in DT music, but everyone else such as Petrucci and Ruddess (sp?) all have ample opportunities to express their instruments as well.
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