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Grohl was my first influence. He is still one of my favorite drummers and musicians in general. I loved the 90's grunge sound and no one did it better than nirvana in my opinion. The music was simple but it had a message and that was what was important at that time and it still is today. Grohl didnt overplay or underplay and he did what was best for the music. Also "No one knows" by QOTSA is one of my favorite drumming songs ever. And then theres foo fighters. One of my favorite bands of all time in any genre. They play good old fashioned rock and roll and i just love it. Plus im almost positive he wrote and recorded the drum parts for all the foo albums up to and include the colour and the shape. My hero is another one of my all time favorite drum parts ever. all in all, grohl is an incredible drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and overall musician and he was and is a great modern rock and roller. Long live rock and roll!

btw, is it just me or do the drum parts for My hero by foo fighters and Go with the flow By QOTSA sound kinda similar? Hmm.
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