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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by drumhedd View Post
YES! Favorite kit in this thread by far! Specs?
Thanks drumhedd...

24" Kicks
10, 12, 14 in front
13, 15 floors on left side
16, 18 floors on right
7 x 14 Segmented cocobola snare

4) 19" A Rock crashes
4) 19" Z Rock crashes
21" mega bell
20" ping ride on left
12" Z splash
8", 10", 12" EFX
6" zil-bel
20" Hi & low China
17" K China
18" Oriental
14" Z Dyna beats Closed on right
14" New Beat bottom/Z dyna beat botoom

6) Hart Acupads across the top
2) Dauz pads on each side of the snare

All drums have MayEa mics
Kicks and Right side Floors have D112's
Rack toms and left floors have EV408's

Electronic rack has D4, DM5, RM8, Akai Sampler, Mackie mixer, EQ's Compressors, etc

and Custom Voelker rack..

I think that covers it.....
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