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Default Re: Music for my skate video?

Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
Dunno if it's what you're looking for but here's my mates band 'Vinyl Youth'

Thought maybe something like the track 'Daily Dice' or 'Leak'. Plus the lead singer/rhythm guitarist Luke is a skater. Just thought you might wanna listen.
Originally Posted by mvkpk View Post
hey man. this is the thing were looking for. i just wanted to give you our link. the music is upbeat and pretty rockin, maybe not what you had in mind but maybe it is? if you like it then lets work something out!


Dude, both these bands are perfect. The particular video I was working on is done, but for future videos, would it be alright if I could use your songs? Daily Dice from Vinyl Youth and Innocence from PK are PERFECT. PM me or reply...I would credit you with linkage, I just need some kind of official message I can send to Youtube if they get on my case about the music.
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