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Default Re: Show Me Your "Monster" Kits! (let's say... 7 piece and up)

Originally Posted by partsman View Post
hi my name is partsman and im a new member to this forum... i have a pearl ecx export custom maple drumset -10" 12" 13" mounted toms- 14" 16" floor toms- 22x18 bass- 14" snare-10" firecracker steal snare- lp mini timbales. i have zildjian A cymbals 10" splash- 14" fast crash- 16" thin crash- 18" crash ride- 19" crash- 20" medium ride- 21" sweet ride- 14" newbeat hits- 9.5" zelbel- 18" wuhan china

Welcome to the forum

That's a unique set up, I like it.
Nice stuff.
What made you decide to set the floor toms like that?

My 2 aren't one right in front of the other either. The second is more to the side so I can just turn my hand and not my body to play it.
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