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Originally Posted by Toby_Jackson View Post
Hey dude, Jazz is still happening. Yeah, a lot of people have tuned out, but the majority of these people are self-centered and materialistic and don't really own their own cultural personality (they soak it up from mass-media). And modern jazz is just not a commercially minded pursuit - it's a powerful art-form continually seeking out the unknown and many people can't handle it.

At any rate, if you can't keep up, why stick around? We don't need those people to keep jazz alive - it's influence has been felt in every decade that rock or hip-hop or electronic music have dominated. You know, good musicians will always look to the attitude of the greatest jazz players, even if they don't play the same style of music. At the same time there is a thriving ring of universities and high schools breeding new players every year and you can still make a living playing every form of jazz in history if you're smart and really feel the need to play that music in your soul.

In short, if you've got something good to say, than forget the squares and come join the party!
I enjoyed that.....I'm here for the party!
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