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Default What are your feeling about nostalgia?

I was listening to Donald Fagen and Walter Brecker talk about there upcoming shows in NYC. They are dong tribute nights to their albums Royal Scam, Aja and Gaucho. They didn't tour in the later seventies so never did a tour for these albums.

At one point, Donald Fagen says he was not about nostalgia and really didn't understand it; but some people had very strong feelings about the music. Walter Brecker said that they were about commodifying their music, which is nostalgic. They both agreed that they were hypocrites. They're doing the shows. Remember Deacon Blues, Donald?

I think they need the money. The block is called The Rent party. They promise this is the best band they have ever assembled. I love Steely Dan, waited two decades to see them live; but don't think I ever need to see them again.

I found this idea to be very interesting since much music making today is about nostalgia. I have been in two tribute bands and found it to be a horrendous experience. Lot's of egos and pretense. What do people think about the whole nostalgia craze of tribute bands and acts that should have retired decades ago doing mega-million dollar tours? Is it destroying new music making? What is the role of nostalgia in music making?
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