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Default Martial arts (could use your thoughts)

I have been fascinated with martial arts for years. I have always wanted to get into martial arts. The thing is that i have tendinitis in both of my wrists (had 2 surgeries on my left wrist about 10 years ago) and am somewhat afraid to take martial arts because im afraid of hurting my wrists to where it would effect drumming. Drumming is what i do for a living and i worry about hurting my wrists to where it would mess with my drumming. The main types of martial arts that im into are karate, kung fu and boxing (although a sport it is very much a martial art).

I just found out about a place in my area that teaches boxing, muay thai and mma. I am looking into taking boxing lessons.

I could use all of your advice as to what you all think about me getting into martial arts.
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