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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

My wife came to most (but not all) of the shows I played at when I lived in California a few years back. Most were with my band, but the ones she enjoyed the most were the "hired gun" work where I was going way off my beaten path, playing doo-wop, musicals, etc. She got to see an entirely different side of me.

She also does help me set up and tear down, and is also a pretty good critic of my performance. But one unintended benefit of her being around me was that she brought to my attention the fact that when I get focused on the gig, sometimes I turn into a real jerk, impatient and unapproachable. Not only was it causing tensions within my band that I was not seeing, but it was actually turning off some fans who wanted to come up and ask me questions, or give me compliments. Boy, what an eye opener that was. While it certainly didn't feel good at the time, it did make me more conscious of my behavior at gigs, and I worked hard at it. And what do you know, gigs became fun again. And isn't that why we all started playing anyway...?
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