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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Glad you worked it out.


Congrats on the degree!


Thanks for the kind words on the MD dvd. It really was a great time, a great experience, and none of us are exempt to strange things happening during a performance. What can you do? The show must go on. Thanks for the compliment on the interaction. I wanted to have some "clinic" elements rather than just non stop playing, or a "performance" as it were. And yes, the computer works perfectly as I write now on the same one. Macs rule. No question!


That's a hard question. While it's great to have quality instruments to inspire, it might be more important to have a place you can actually play a real kit no matter the quality. You can still develop your touch on a mid level kit. Good cymbals are important--especially the ride cymbal. Bottom line is to play whatever you can whenever you can! It's up to your time and your budget. Again, it's a hard predicament and I wish you luck!

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