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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
Girl friend....what's a girl friend????


At least I have drums. They love me, right?????
haha thats where i am but my drums don't have "problems" lol.
during marching band (which is coming up really fast) we tell the newbees that they don't have time for a girl friend cuz they won't have a life if they want to be on the line

[quote=The Colonel;590638]
Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
I have to admit, our shows tend to have lots of hot dancing, us getting flashed, etc, and being on stage, you have to encourage it and partake in itQUOTE]

Pennsylvania just got a whole lot sexier!
and of course Pa is the sexiest area of land around...mostly because the fact that so many drummers from here are active on here lol

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