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Default Re: A peek inside JoJo Mayers head...

Originally Posted by beatboy21212 View Post
Does anybody know how Jojo does the conga thing on his snall tom where he gets that big woooosh sound? Is that mentioned in his dvd?
He just hits the tom with his right hand and then bends the tone up by pressing the middle/index finger of his left hand in the head and slides the finger to the centre of the tom. Quite easy - check my first transcription, there is a "bend up" somwhere in there (page two or three I guess).

Everybody else: thanks for the thanks, hehe.

I have an anouncement: "Performance 1" of JoJos DVD soon to be completed and posted here. I'm about half way through but it's difficult as hell, so have some patience. I have also figured out some JoJos stick-twirling stuff at the end of the 1998 modern drummer festival, but I think a transcription doesn't help. Maybe I'll put up a video lesson if people are interested in that (it'll take at least a month though because I don't have my drumset in my practise room until then).
Just let me know if you are interested.

Cheers and shed some wood on this.
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