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Originally Posted by JT1 View Post
Hey Tim

I play heel up double bass and i can reach about 200-205 BPM single strokes but not for a whole minute, would you say the best way to play for longer would be to keep going till i burn out and keep doing that or do i need to go back to slower tempos that i can do for a minute and keep cranking up the tempo until i can do it for a minute?

Any advice on endurance past 200 BPM would be great thanks!
IMHO Learn to relax around 200 seems to be the tempo most drummers have more problems with as its the in between legs to anlkes transition speeed
The reason I focused on the TRANSITIONS so much on MY Techniques motions and appications dvd was drummers wanted to know the so called secrets to getting faster and still having control
I try to warm the muscles NEVER burn by playingLONGER for endurance but I always try to RELAX and guess what I just keep getting faster and I have more control.
Hope this helps
God Bless
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