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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

you guys are very lucky to have girlfriends that get involved in your music and stuff and help you with your set up... lol very few of my past girlfriends have ever bothered to even carry my stick bag....

as for the dating sumeone in the band thing... well its a complicated situation. For an example, i used to hav a band where you would hav a chick doing lead vocals, and she dated the bassist of our band. When things became complicated is when the two guitarists, both lead and rythm, accused the bassist of letting the chick choose all of the songs we were to play; the guitarists (two brothers) wanted to play punk rock, while the chick (and oviously the bassist) wanted to play stuff like Evanescence... i tried to help sort things out, but it only made it worse (as usual lol). So we pretty much had to cancel all of our gigs because the bassist didnt want to talk to the guitarists... kiddish stuff really
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