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Default Re: Help picking my 2nd instrument (BASS)

I own a Luna Andromeda Bass and it works for what I use it for. (recording) It was only $200 when we got it, it was a discontinued model. It has active electronics in it and separate treble and bass knobs, which help to get sound you want without having to have another bass. 4 string is good to start on IMO. I have a Trace Elliot bass amp that works great for bass and/or keyboard.
I have played on Peavey, Ibanez basses as well and they are good too. I really liked the Peavey a little better though (can't recall the exact model, but it was expensive like $1,000 or more. I had thought of getting an Ibanez Ergodyne bass at one time, but passed. They have good reviews too.
What I have works great for what I do and I should mention that my old band's bass player played my Luna one practice and went out and bought one of his own.
The Luna has a thin neck but not a short scale bass. They are recommended for those with smaller hands.
Hope this helps
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