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Default Re: What does this mean?

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
...sounds like an outdated system - still with Windows?

I don't have a computer! The systems I'm usually on are usually Windows XP. They all seem to be recent or somewhat recent computers. Sometimes everything works fine, and sometimes not. The one consistent thing is everytime I do something, I have to log in. For example, I log in to write a private message, then when I go to send it, I have to log in again. Sometimes it works fine, other times I get the above message, but when I backspace as the message says, whatever I wrote is gone. Same thing happens when I respond to a thread. The only time I don't remember it ever happening is when I started a new thread.

I can log into a network so everything is done from one site, but I'd prefer not to.

BTW, it's not computer specific to which ones I'm using. It can happen on any of them. Are passwords tied in anyway to computer id's or internet id's? Could it be since these are always changing it effects my login somehow? I log in for banking and bill paying from different places all the time and I've never had this problem except at this site.
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