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Default Re: Help picking my 2nd instrument (BASS)

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
I decided to take up the Bass guitar as my 2nd instrument, hoping it will help my drumming more than anything but ya never know. Can you folks recommend a decent starter Bass? I am thinking just a 4string but I dont know anything about guitars so not sure what to look for (pickups, neck material, tuning ease etc) I would estimate my budget at $300 tops and would also like to get an amp although it is not required right away so if I can get a better Bass then I really would rather have that than a package deal. Also what is a good dvd/book to start out with?

You could always pick up one of those pocket amps that you can attach to your belt. I think those are pretty cheap.

Maybe you might be able to find some sort of rental deal. At my local music store, i rented a guitar and amp. Either both were 25$ per month, or the amp was 25 but they gave me a really cool deal. Lets say the amp was worth 200$, after 8 months of renting, i gave the store 200$, so at that point they let me keep the amp. (i dont remember the numbers clearly enough but thats how it worked, and maybe you can set something like that up).
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