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Default Re: Roland or Yamaha?

Originally Posted by scorch whammin View Post
We'll just choose to agree to disagree...I've played and owned both Roland and Yamaha....and if you'll take the time to learn the Yamaha modules, you can create some incredible sounding kits....just have to take the time to learn's kinda like learning to tune an acoustic drum...out of the box they don't necessarily sound great, but once's a different story!...Yamaha e-kits are alot like that...they give you the raw kits and expect you as the end user to create your own kits sounds (VST's are also alot like this)....and let's be honest roland modules are similar....hence the reason for vex...
Honestly, we don't disagree! I know that Roland is best...for me. I also believe you when you say that Yamaha is best for you.

The point being, anyone who ever asks "which is better" on here is going to have people that are on each side of the argument. It's fine to ask, but unless you try them yourself, you will never know what is best for you.
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