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Default Re: Roland or Yamaha?

I don't own an electronic kit, but every opportunity I have, I play one. I've played the top kits from both manufacturers. The Yamaha DTXtreme lll is a great kit, but the Roland series has to be my favorite with the the Roland TD 12 or it's bigger brother the 20. For a kit to play around on or for practice, the Roland TD 9 SX, the one with the mesh heads, is also incredible kit. I just feel more comfortable playing the Roland E kits compared to the Yamaha, and I own a Yamaha acoustic kit. Any of the better kits from either manufacturer are worth having. When your spending that kind of money, you have to sit behind them and try them out. Each series really does have a different feel to it.

For me, it probably comes down to liking the mesh heads a bit more than the others.

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