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I went to see Simon Phillips at the UK Drumfest NIA last Sunday (12 / 07/ 09). He shared the gig with Carmine Appice, Jojo Mayer, Gregg Bissonette & Jason Bittner plus a local guy, Robin Day. I've seen Simon play many times both at his clinics and at band gigs (The Who, Toto, Protocol) but never on the same stage as other drumming greats. Carmine Appice was good in a standard rock sort of way with a great stage passion & dynamic. Jason Bittner was a bit bouble bass happy predictable but badly held back by having to use an electric kit. Gregg Bissonette played some fantastic Cuban style stuff that showed him to be the tasteful kit master he is. Jojo Mayer was very inspiring. Amazing left hand ability and a truely innovative session. Apart from Simon Phillips, Robin Day was the star of the show for me. A real down to earth presentation with lots of flair, a different angle & great personality. He was brought in at short notice too so extra impressive. Then along came Simon Phillips. Never have I had the chance to compare his playing with others in such a way. The difference was mind blowing. He really is on a whole different level to other players. This was no stadium solo style show but an incredible display of control, dynamics, musicality & technical skill beyond what you believe to be possible. A truly spine tingling experience. Do I think he's one of the greatest players ever? After that display along side his peers, you bet!
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