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Default Re: VIDEO : Great drumsolo by Mr Simon Phillips!

Originally Posted by mlehnertz View Post
Neither solo really does much for me. I've never been a big fan of "arena solos". I use the term "arena solo" because they are geared more to an arena of screaming fans that don't know the first thing about playing drums but LOVE lots of notes, cymbals and double bass than to us regular drummers.

I find Steve Gadd's syncopated snare fills in the Buddy Rich drum-off to be more entertaining.

Don't get me wrong, Simon Phillips is in my Top 3 for players, but the solo doesn't do much for me.

BTW, didn't Tommy Lee hold the trademark for upside-down drum solos?
+ 1, Not to be hard on Simon Phillips at all, I think he's an incredible drummer, but, this type of solos are not my thing. It's ok, it is a part of the show and it is intended for the crowd to scream and drive'em crazy, but if I have the chance of choosing to hear them or not, I'd choose no
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