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Default Re: R.I.P Micheal Jackson

My impression in the interview is that he was flatly denying having any surgery, there with his weird turned-up skinny nose and cleft chin. Accelerated evolution? Did he blow half his nostrils off during a bad cold?

Ken, I'll have you know I was a living room analyst long before MJ! (and I already knew about BDD, which they claim is the problem with anorexia). You can blame my mother for that, who was a writer and so, unsurprisingly, also an enthusiastic LRA and she passed her LRA "chops" down the line :)

Whatever, MJ was one messed up puppy, following in the long tradition of messed up stars - Elvis, Janis, Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett, Jim Gordon, Phil Spector, Jaco, Amy Winehouse, Britney ... there's a lotta talent in that list.
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