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Default Re: George Kollias here...

Hi George firstly i just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me and although i'm not a death metal drummer, i greatly admire how you can play at the tempos you do throughout one of your shows it's really awesome. I'm sure you hear these types of questions all of the time but just a couple on double bass work.

I play heel up and can play 200 BPM competently although with me purchasing a new pedal recently, finding my desired settings has become a bit more difficult so i am still altering my set up. I watched a couple of your clinic videos on youtube about ankle motion and about how you can achieve speeds greater than 210 using this, however i can't seem to get in a position comfortable enough to play using my ankles. Is this a technique that i will have to completely relearn how to play double bass? It seems that i can't physically bring myself to play that fast even after 4 years!

Also just out of curiosity how high do you sit on your throne and, How is your spring tension? I know everyone is different but i just wanted to know so it could possibly help me with learning this motion.

Is direct drive a really important aspect of playing faster speeds? as i use a Sleishman double pedal.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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