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Default Re: girlfriends, wives, and the like coming to gigs

Originally Posted by jer View Post
That's pretty much where my gf is at.

She does come out every now and again to some of the bigger shows, but when she does come, (as bad as it sounds), she knows her place. She knows that I'm not going to give her focus and that chances are that when I'm off the stage I'll be chatting up fans or friends more than I'll be spending time with her. I'm there to promote my music and my band, not hang out with her - we do that when I'm not playing so I can give the attention she deserves. Plus, she's well aware that it's harder to sell cd's to the female members of the audience with a gf on your arm.
My girlfriend is like that, too. She tends to hang around the bar or the back of the venue a little bit, working the merch table. It's nice. She understands that it's a business and treats it as such. You have a winner, my friend. :)
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