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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
If you are breaking sticks from rim shots, then you are flat out beating the living daylight out of your drum, or you have razor sharp rims. Hi-hat edges whittle away at the shoulder and neck of a drumstick much faster, as long as you aren't bashing the heck out of your snare.

I know what you are talking about; I've seen those guys with big old 5b sticks that are splintering about halfway down the stick. That's the first sign they are beating the crud out of their drums. a rim shot doesn't have to be made 1/2 down the stick...

A lot of high volume gigs will cause you to go through a couple pairs of sticks in a night (Check out Carter Beauford on the Gorge video), but I was under the impression these guys in this thread were saying they broke sticks in one whack of a rim shot.
Just one thing. Rimshots have different tones if the rim hits a different area of the stick. So, a rimshot doesnt HAVE to be made in the center, but that will yield a different tone and feel.
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