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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Sorry for the late response. Back to CanCon - if anyone is still interested...

You all make an excellent point in regards to the fact that there's a lot of lame Canadian music being put on the air just to fill this 30% quota. However, It's my opinion that radio is downright polluted with crap regardless of where the music came from in the first place.

Obviously this is a matter of personal taste but once you've sifted through it all, you're likely to come across some excellent bands (who may not have gotten the proper exposure without CanCon). Here's a few of my favourites:

I Mother Earth
Our Lady Peace
Matthew Good Band

**Please take this time to ridicule me for being a total Alt.Rock kid.**

CanCon helps the Canadian Musician by providing job opportunities with Canadian acts - sessions, tours - there's no question.

It also helps fuel our economy. Say Alexisonfire needs to shoot a new video for MuchMusic. Suddenly an entire film crew, actors, caterers, hairdressers are all in buisiness and getting paid.

How about when someone throws a festival. Rather than fishing for an international supergroup to headline, oftentimes they will opt for the local stars. (Of coarse this isn't always the case - anyone remember the fiasco at V-fest last year? )
These guys are available, way easier to obtain and thanks to CanCon, have a fanbase capable of selling out the joint. The festival is a success! T-shirts and CDs are sold, Pizza Pizza is eaten, Molson Candian is excessively consumed even at the outrageous price of 9 dollars a tallcan. Best of all, everyone has an awesome time singing and dancing along to thier favourite songs whether it's The Boss Is Coming, Bobcaygeon, Life Is A Highway or even American Woman.

Tell me again why you think this law is so stupid. You don't like Kim Mitchell? Fine, go for a soda next time Patio Lanterns comes on. CanCon is great because it gives us a better chace at living the dream - playing the big stage. After all, isn't that dream the reason why most of us took up the drums in the first place?
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