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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
To be as good as Gadd, Weckl, or Vinnie, you gotta be just a bit different than most people. I've heard bad things about all three of these guys as people. I would bet its just their eccentricity, and not any real rudeness. Porcaro came across as rude too, but that was the New Yorker in him probably, heh.

Just think, to be as good as them, you can't quite possibly be a normal 8 to 5 schlubb working with other shlubbs all day (like most of us).

So Dr. Drum, you don't like Gadd or Coliauta? Do you not like drums ;-)
It was the same way with Buddy Rich, if a lot people told you you were the best drummer in the world it would do something to your ego. I think I would be a prick too if I had to live up to that much pressure.
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