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Default Re: Larry Mullen

There was an article in a recent modern drummer magazine about why we love Larry Mullen Jr.

I thought the article missed the point though.

It's not that Larry played simple parts for" the sake of the song", or played inventive parts.

Larry played rhythmic hooks. He didn't just play a beat for 8 bars and then a fill at the end, he played "parts" that repeated and become intrinsic parts of the song that carried the song just as much as the guitar riff.

"I Will Follow' isn't just a simple beat and fill, it's an 4 bar cycle that repeats as much as the guitar riff and becomes just as much of why the song gets stuck in your head as the guitar riff. All through those early albums, he did these things that were so much bigger than just beat & fills, he wrote hooks that captured the ear.

When I was younger, he was right up there on my wall with my Neil Peart poster collection.
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