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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Because I've seen no fact, no basis and absolutely no specific knowledge. Just 'oh, I don't like the EU - they make our laws' (which they don't, and I called you on).

The worst thing about this exchange is that people forming opinions on hearsay (which is essentially what your opinion amounts to) is the very reason people vote for the BNP - who we both dislike - get votes. Uninformed opinions. Sure, a few people vote for them because they believe the rubbish they spout, but the vast majority just haven't done their research. The same is true of you.
Hang on just a minute mate, i'm not saying we should deport/murder all non-whites. I just think we should stop wasting our time in the EU. It just doesn't work and it needs to be changed.

If we want to start talking about laws being formed on hearsay and improper information then what about the fact that the EU wants to force all the farmers to not use any sort of GM crops or fertilizers because of people who don't understand how science works. This means that we'll probably end up with a food shortage not too long from now.
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