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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

The Cornish Pastys are amazing! I had one at London Bridge today, I could eat ten....yeah, they really know how to stuff things in other things here. Did I mention the most amazing sausages? I have to conciously look for green things or else I'd just eat those.

What's the VAT?

So for cream, I'm looking at 'single cream' or something, I think, right? I don't want to MKAE whipped cream, I want LIQUID CREAM'. I mean, I KNOW you can get it here, I just don't know where it is, or what it's called! Speaking of getting things, I have only one complaint so far: WHY DOES EVERYTHING CLOSE SO EARLY!?!??! Not just pubs, but everything!!!! I saw an ad the other day for a store 'open late', until 8 pm. When do you people BUY stuff?? lol

Beef paste? Well, it tastes of chicken, actually. It's quite gross, come on by and you can have the rest of mine!! I dunno what it's for but I'm making a concious effort not to buy anything I could buy in Canada (and for things like bread and butter, I'll only buy brands I've never heard of or that are from here). I'd never seen beef paste so for 50p, I thought: Hmm...I like beef....=) I assume I can buy this crab spread in I like spready things made from things that were once really un-spready.

Speaking of (no pun intended) phones, the whole sim card thing here is new to us. My razr2 from Canada (that I was hoping to use) doesn't even HAVE one!! That you can buy a phone and just switch sim cards is very cool. Strange but cool. I need a new phone, the one I had to get here (that cost me 5 quid the day I got here) is so crap it isn't funny. Wait till you see it, Duncan.

Also, I'm not terribly quick on the 24 hr clock thing either.....

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