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Default Morten Lund

Maybe we're related...? (the Lunds all came from one area in Norway thousands of years ago...we're practically brothers!)

Anyway - I was checking out some Brian Blade this morning on Youtube and one of the "related" videos was this clip - so I clicked on it for kicks, not expecting much (he's a Lund, afterall!) and crap, this guy is awesome, and I have never come across him. The video says he's a "Danish drum legend" - love his fluidity, touch, rhythmic ideas...

Well, he's pretty frickin' fantastic(!) so if you know him, please give me some recs that you've really enjoyed. Thanks so much.

Also, the trio in the vid is no slouch either. I honestly haven't been keeping up with all the latest jazz out there the past few years (LA will do that to you...) but these guys have reinvigorated me. (*love* the bassist's huuuuge sound - I am so sick of that whimpy dry bass sound)
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