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Jonny you brought up a great point about yeah he does get alot of crap thrown his way for being to extreme and over the top as compared to the other's(fact is he has established the genre of extreme drumming more than any other drummer by far) but I can guarantee this, he is playing with a more diverse group of musicians in more diverse musical setting's than any of the other guy's mentioned BY FAR! And the honest truth is that his playing is more diverse than MOST drummer's who are fairly well known or very well known. And the guy's who rip on him WISH! yeah that is right they wish they could play with 1/10 of the guy's that Virg plays with on a regular basis. Talk is cheap. Virg does not have to talk and does not waste his time talking trash about other drummer's and musicians he is too busy tearing it up with the greatest musicians in the world.
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