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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

7. I have finally gotten the hang of walking across the road, looking the appropriate way at the appropriate time. But do motorists HAVE to stop for you at a crosswalk?
Depends on the crossing. Zebra crossing (the black and white ones with the beacons) they have to stop if you have stepped out and most of the time people will stop if you wait. At least, I always do and so do 90% of motorists, apart from the obvious BMW 3 Series drivers. The other ones, you have to press the button to cross and wait for the lights, but I'm assuming you knew that anyway.

10. Where can I get (and what do you call) the kind of liquid cream that you whip to make whipped cream, like 'table cream'?
You can just buy whipped cream in an aerosol can. But I'm assuming it's not as good?

9. I know why everything here is in a pasty. Because the British can make a pocket like no one else!!!!
Get a pasty from the Cornwall Pasty Co. Their shops are black and yellow (the Cornish colours) and those are, bar none, the best. That and the obvious Steak and Guinness pasties.
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