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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

It's completely true that the Canadians were so afraid of becoming the USA (a legit and completely justified fear, btw) they enacted this law. It's also true that yeah, if a band was that good, it would have been heard anyway. Look at bands like Rush. I dunno exactly when CanCon caame in (it was raised to %30 in the 80s though. Maybe it started then?) but they seemed to do fine without it. In other forms of music, every Jazz guitarist needs to know of Lenny Breau and every Jazz player period knows of Oscar. What about Neil Young? Did HE need CanCon? Of course not. It's just paranoia, leading to a load of crap. The other issue I have is who is CaCon for, the US or the Canadians? Because Ic an tell you, it's not for the Yanks. They don't care about Canadian, they care about CHARTS. Hence Nickelcrap. So it must be for Canadians then? What Canadian needs to hear more Blue Rodeo? Don't we all know 'Diamond Mine' by heart anyway? You know what I'm saying? Seriously. CanCon is a joke.

Duncan- plenty of room.

Eddie- Downing Street was cool! Whitehall too. It was great, parliament, all that. I'll put up some more random pics soon. But now.....things I have learned/questions I have come up with since I have been in Britain!!!!:

1. How are you all not 20 stone?! I've seen more greasy assed, fry ups than I could imagine!! They are EVERYWHERE, fried this, fried that. I got fish and chips (which were AMAZING) and they were obviosuly fried but MAN it was a massive hunk of fish.

2. For as vast as London's transit system is, if I can follow it, it must be super organized. No fooling, I thought I was f****d for sure coming here with no sense of direction and unable to follow a map, but NO! It's all good, really really impressive.

3. Why are there not screens on the windows? I'm currently being driven mad by a fly and earlier I was terrified that a pigeon who lives nearby (I assume) was going to come in my window. (edit- he is back....).

4. Carphone Warehouse is everywhere.

5. Even if things might be a bit more expensive here, I LOVE having the taxes included. Coming from Canada, when something says it costs 25 bucks, that might mean 27, 30 something, I never know.

6. The Starbucks here have better food.

7. I have finally gotten the hang of walking across the road, looking the appropriate way at the appropriate time. But do motorists HAVE to stop for you at a crosswalk?

8. Beef paste is what you think it is and very gross.

9. I know why everything here is in a pasty. Because the British can make a pocket like no one else!!!!

10. Where can I get (and what do you call) the kind of liquid cream that you whip to make whipped cream, like 'table cream'?

More soon, when I remember them=)

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