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Exuse me?! What exactly do you find so sad about this law? Without it so much great talent would have never gotten the time of day. Why should an entire continent be forced to listen to the same playlist written up by the suits in LA? After all, that's what the other 70% is for.

It gives us a little independance and individuality. We've got a prospering music scene that's definately worth a look - and a listen. As a Canadian musician, I couldn't be more happy and proud to have this law on my side. It gives us a fighting chance.

If a Canadian content law is sad, what do you call your right to bare arms???

Well I thought it was pretty obvious as to why it's sad as you can tell by some people's response but I will go ahead and try to be more specific.
It's pretty sad that you have to have it at all. If it's good enough and the people want to hear it then it will be on due to demand and not because some plitician who is worried about being to much like America forces crappy music down your throats just to try and be different, Hey but if you bought the BS then more power to ya..AY : )

The right to BEAR arms has nothing to do with a sad law in Canada and is a whole different animal and good points can be made on both sides of it if you really listen with an open mind, however I suspect this subject is against the DW forum policy so I won't say anything other than it's a right I believe in 100%.
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