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Default Re: What would you pay??

Thanks for all of your suggestions and advise...

First of All:


This was never put in question here from my side!

I came to the conclusion, that webcontent must be financed by advertising. Charging for Forums or Webcontent is probably a wrong concept and a sign of a general misunderstanding of what's going on here on the web now and in the near future.

So this:
There seems to be a confusion in terms between the Drummerworld Website and Drummerworld Forum.

The Drummerworld Forum is very active, but generates only 1.8% of the whole traffic volume of Drummerworld - which is 25 terabytes a month actually.

DrummerDrummer wrote:
I know that this is a business for Bernhard. If there was no money to be made, he wouldn't be doing it

Well this hurts, because it's completely wrong. When i started Drummerworld ten years ago nobody could know, that it gets to the No.1 place and stays there now for ten years. It started as a joke - got serious - and after have finished my 35 year business life as broker i sold all my business to good hands and do this Drummerworld thing just for fun as a hobby.

Of course now there are possibilities to earn money with Google ads and also Banner Ads in direct sale. But these numbers are not increasing and compared to my former activities: this is a very small business!!!

All in all: Running two servers in N.Y. - 25 terabites of traffic a month and keep it smooth running all the time ( the speed) is not so cheap as one might think.

When i do calculations now - and not counting my own manpower time - then the difference between invested money and cash back would give a real nice estate with swimming pool in Spain and some very nice luxury cars. So lucky me i need no more as i already have....

Streaming the Videos with YouTube would for sure be a very cheap and easy solution, but A NO GO for a serious website to keep independence like Drummerworld. By the way: Many of very exclusive clips would be removed from YouTube immediatly.

"I don't think I would pay right now because I don't use the site very much"
- This is friend IronCobra - 2157 Posts!!!

I would invite more people to join the DrummerWorld Community. As matter of fact, I do it actually and passing the word around.
- Thanks Ian, but please not, we don't look for more traffic or members....even when we are the only website in the world saying this: I really mean it!!!!

The Forum is moderated by Dog and Nutha: Thanks a lot guys!!!

The Website is done by myself alone. The only motivation was my love for drums and the wish to show the masters of this wonderful instrument to younger drummers to give motivation to them too. A nice sideeffect for me is of course the chance to meet so many great people all over the world with my travels.
Hopefully we can stay with it for some more time. When medical heart problems come up again or motivation leaves:
Gone for ever as everything just one click away....


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