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Originally Posted by PaiceFan View Post
Hwy145 what size is that stainless kick? I am assuming it was a converted marching drum. with the Mach lugs looks great. I have a BigBeat in stainless with a 24" kick love to see the stainless. Would you consider putting a bottom head on the concert tom?
The kick is 24x14, and yes, it is a convert. The bolt holes for marching are on the bottom. The kick and floor toms are just about mint, and the concert is well, uh, not. I'm not going to bother with it. I'd rather be patient and find a drum that is appropriately clean, like the other drums. I'm not too patient though, but I'll find it! There was one on ebay a few weeks ago, and my wireless internet (via phone) was down at auction close. I missed it! Funny, it went for a lot less than I was willing to pay!
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